I am


Ágústa Magnúsdóttir
Valhøjvej 13, st.th
2500 Valby Copenhagen

born 17.06.1980 - Icelandic
have previously lived in the US, England,
Italy & am
currently residing in Demark.

talk to me here: iam@iamfigurine.com


I have studied


M.Sc. Medialogy 2006 - 2008
Aalborg University, Copenhagen DK
Thesis: Alternative Game Design - the art game genre
Focus: Game design, game development, level design,
character design, empathy, aesthetics & rhetoric's in games.

B.Sc. Medialogy2004 - 2006
Aalborg University, Copenhagen DK
Thesis: Motion Gaming
Focus: Physical body movement as input in games, bonding
between player and CGI character as motivational factors.

Multimediadesigner 2002 - 2004
CEU Kolding, Kolding DK
Final project: Visualization and implementation of an XML based datasystem for Barikaden.

Arte Sotto Un Tetto, Florence IT fall semester 2000
A semester studying fine art & design

MIR - Reykjavík art school1997 - 1999
Courses in figuredrawing and figure-modeling in clay

Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð college1996 - 1999, Reykavík IS
Psychology line


I have worked


Co-founder and designer 2012

IT Developer 2009 - now
Danske Bank

Freelance designer 2003 - now& illustrator
for web & print

Designer for Medialogy2006 - 2008
As a student at Medialogy I worked on various design tasks for the
study such as posters, brochures, t-shirt design and other identity design related material.

Student Teacher in Animation Techniques 2006 - 2007
For 5th semester students, teachings mainly in Maya 7.5

Webdesigner for Whyse 2006
Template design mainly in CSS & php

I have published


Feeling objects in Virtual Environments: Presence and pseudo-hapitcs in a bowling game 2007
Daniliauskaite, Magnúsdóttir, Bjørkå, Hansen, Pærregaard, Bruni og Serafin.
Enactive 07, Grenoble, France

Feeling objects in Virtual Environments: Presence and pseudo-hapitcs in a bowling game2007
Bjørkå, Daniliauskaite, Hansen, Magnúsdóttir, Pærregaard, Bruni og Serafin.
LEDA 2007, Esbjerg, Denmark 2007

Svefninn Vakinn2000
An audio CD co-created with Úlfhildur Guðmundsóttir with originally composed
music for the art exhibition 'Svefninn Vakinn' held in Ófeigur Gallery, Reykjavík IS


I know


Icelandic - read, write & speak
English - read, write & speak
Danish - read, write & speak


I use


Adobe Photoshop - a lot
Illustrator - a lot
InDesign - a lot
Dreamweaver - a lot
Flash - more and more
Maya - a lot
Virtools - sure
Unity - sure
MaxMsp & Jitter - sure
Pen & paper - yes

I also use xhtml, php, MySQL, javaScript, css, PL/1

Mac & PC - got both, you choose.


I like


VFX, painting, drawing, digital arts in 2D & 3D, concept art, graphics, fairy-tales, motion-graphics, books, observing, computer games (mainly the making of), colors, contrasts, coffee and lots of it.




Luis Emilio Bruni
Assistant professor at Aalborg University

Rolf Nordahl
Coordinator of studies at Medialogy, Aalborg University

Cristiano Capuzzo
Aalborg University, former lecturer

Contact me for info.