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St.Sophia's is a two-player cross-platform game, based on the idea of having two players playing against each
other; playing two different game genres but within the same game. This game utilizes two different setups. One of the players is placed within an immersive virtual reality setup, wearing a head mounted display (HMD)
to visualize the world. Along wth the HMD this player uses a custom made dataglove and a joystick to interact within the world. The second player plays the game with an orthographic view from a back-projected table top setup, using fiducals (small symbols mounted on wooden blocks) for interaction. This can be understood somewhat as a digital boardgame.

St.Sophia's is a survival wheelchair horror game that crosses the action/adventure genre with the strategy genre. The player in the virtual reality setup plays a patient in St.Sophia's hospital, this player is bound to a wheelchair and his main goal is to get out of the hospital. In order to do so he must accomplish a list of tasks while trying to dodge the poltergeist played by the table top player. The poltergeist has strengths and abilities that allow him to hinder the patient player's advance in the game. This becomes a struggle of life and death between the two players.

Characters, concept design, modeling & texturing:


Special interests:

Game balancing, level design, concept art, cognitive psychology, emotion capture, low-polygon modelling

Programs and tools used in development:

Virtools Dev, Alias Maya 7.5, reacTIVision, MaxMsp, fiducials, HMD, custom made dataglove, glass table, projector