Virtual Reality Bowling

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Virtual Reality Bowling

VR bowling

This project focuses on pseudo-haptics and the illusion of weight in virtual reality. In order to test the possibility of this illusion occuring a virtual reality bowling game was created. Two different virtual worlds were setup and compared against each other. Through these environments the effect of visual and audio cues on the illusion of haptics was studied. Over 40 persons participated in this experiment and the results indicated that the users could detect the difference in weights between the bowling balls through visual and audio cues only (no actual force feedback applied).

This study was published by Enactment in 2007 and exhibited with a poster presentation at the Enactment conference in Grenoble, France. It was also published and presented at the LEDA 2007 conference in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Special interests:

Cognitive psychology, 3D modelling, Immersion

Programs and tools used in development:

Virtools Dev, Alias Maya 7, MaxMsp, HMD, custom made dataglove

View a video of the VR bowling game here: